Expertise: Web and User Interface

Usdaw Lifelong Learning: 
Empowering people to get online

In 2016 Usdaw celebrated 125 years of representing workers in the retail, distributive, manufacturing and service sectors. The Lifelong Learning campaign provides members with the opportunity to help both their own personal development and to improve their career opportunities.


Flexible home study training

We created an easy-to-use and visually appealing, step-by-step guide for people with little or no experience of using the internet. The course itself works on a desktop computer, tablet, both on and offline. The end result is a bright, friendly interactive pdf with embedded videos.

Campaign material

To get the message out to the 435,000 Usdaw members, we created a simple and colourful promotional campaign. The design incorporates the illustrations from the course across and runs across a full range of printed material to use in stores and workplaces across the country.

You can find out more and access the course from the  Usdaw website .

You can find out more and access the course from the Usdaw website.