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The National Numeracy Challenge: 
Helping adults learn the maths needed for everyday life

Life opportunities, salary levels and even health can be negatively impacted by poor numeracy. Add to this the fact that many people in the UK openly confess to hating maths and you've quickly got a national problem. The National Numeracy Challenge is an online self-assessment tool designed to help adults improve their numeracy level in an encouraging and non-threatening way. 



A series of four awareness posters promoted the campaign and helped prompt participation, along with a booklet providing advice and encouragement to frame the issue in a friendly and informative way.

Awareness campaign advertising hoarding for maths challenge
National Numeracy Challenge brochure cover
National Numeracy Challenge brochure spread

Website Style and Online Graphics

Working with digital agency Mosaic Digital, we helped develop the campaign style to work across its wide target audience. A series of achievement badges and 'milestone' markers encourage participants to persevere with the online learning tools and improve their numeracy skills. You can view the website here.

National Numeracy Challenge website design
National Numeracy Challenge award designs