Expertise: Brand Design 

National Numeracy: 
Helping raise the UK's level of numeracy

Good numeracy is vital to each of us, and the UK with millions of adults struggling with everyday maths skills. National Numeracy wants this to change.   

Brand Design

The target audience is very wide so the brand style is flexible for broad appeal with comprehensive guidelines helping consistent application.

National Numeracy charity brand, logo design
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Campaign Material

The Essentials of Numeracy campaign is a nation wide drive to encourage adults to assess and improve their own numeracy skills via an online assessment and resources tool. We created a set of portraits of people who’ve seen real-life benefits from improved numeracy skills. These run as a central thread across all campaign material and help future participants relate to this important issue.

“We’ve worked with Tacon on numerous projects over the past five years. As always, we were thrilled with their creativity and professionalism whilst working on the Essentials of Numeracy campaign, from concept to final design. We look forward to continuing to work with the team.”
— Lauren Street, National Numeracy

Find out more about National Numeracy and how you can get involved at

The wall chart is brilliant, it is simple and clear for all to see the relevance of maths in everyday life. Nothing compares to it, I have searched for weeks for something that is simple and clear for staff and students to understand. This is brilliant.
— Headteacher, Bradford