Expertise: Brand Design 

Creating a brand examiners can trust

GradeMaker products are easy-to-use, yet powerful exam authoring and assessment tools. Taking out complexity and risk, and giving authors and assessors the resources to create world-leading assessments. 


Brand Identity 

GradeMaker's product and service are fairly new to the education market and the brand identity and graphic style are bright, graphically simple and clearly show how the product works and the benefits it provides. 

Marketing Material

In the summer of 2016 an updated set of collateral was created, introducing new services and products GradeMaker Analytics. The brand style was refined, with a light and professional feel, including clean and informative graphics.

As always, it’s been a joy working with you: we’re delighted with the creativity you’ve applied to the design, and the efficiency with which you’ve handled the project.
— Melissa Mackinlay, GradeMaker
Branded poster design for GradeMaker